Let Us Not Say Good-bye


Though many wish for sleep to find their love

it is the lucky, or so it may seem

that do not have to pray to God above

They are truly blessed without any dreams


In dreams people find what they are missing

a wonderful person to fill their nights

Under the moon-lit stars they are kissing

with tender embraces that feel so right


Tis the lucky ones that can't say good-bye

for in dreams they lose the sweetest thing told

A lover's kiss which makes their warm soul fly

such sweet tender lips which shant ever get cold


Let us not say good-bye, just hold me tight

lets dance under the bright moon every night

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by: DanielAlexander   " Good-bye "

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Stardust's picture

So romantic, especially those

So romantic, especially those last two lines!! :) great job :)

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Thanks Stardust!