What beauty is found in a tear...

What beauty is found in a tear...


I asked you to look deeper into my eyes

inspect the teardrops that had fallen...


You took a finger to the drop that fell upon my lips

and said I know your pain.


I said " If only you placed your lips to mine and

tasted my salty brine, then it's then

you would have known the beauty of my tears...."


We don't always shed tears in pain, sometimes

we feel such great joy and happiness and purge

the liquid of love.


So taste my lips, and wet your mouth with my tears

and discover the beauty within my soul.



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very sensual and tender :)

very sensual and tender :) liked it, keep'em coming

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Thank you kindly stardust, I

Thank you kindly stardust, I appreciate your lovely comment!  I'll work on my tender poetry!  ;)