Take my breath away

Your eyes have the magic to soothe my soul

to gaze into their beauty, oh so sweet

Your lips ever so pure makes me feel whole

to taste their nectar, I feel so complete


Your soft whispers, to heaven they take me

and in a cloudy mist, I feel so alive

Your tender embrace makes me feel so free

my heart and soul to the moon and back flies


Your tender caresses makes my heart glow

so warm and soothing like the radiant sun

The beating of your heart has the sweet flow

of music to fill my life with rhythm


Your eyes, whispers and tender loving ways

shall now and always take my breath away


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cevance's picture

A very refreshing read. A

A very refreshing read. A romantic pleasure.

roseblossoms's picture

Thank you cevance!  I greatly

Thank you cevance!  I greatly appeciate your lovely comment!  ;)