This Place I know

Guide me to this place I know

where heaven blissfully sings

Where robins fly all around

with diamonds on their wings


A place where chocolate swirls

around candy coated dreams

A place a child never ever cries

nor do they ever scream


Guide me to this place I see

angels flying in the sky at night

gazing at the stars and moons

that shine upon their soul so bright


A place where I can rest my head

on a pillow made of satin laced threads

and a mattress made of whip cream

so soft the sweet comforting bed


Rose blossoms fill the grounds

and a garden made for a queen

Where fragrants scents surround

and make me feel serene


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a touch of a twinkle, and a sprinkle of imagination!

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A magical place and a

A magical place and a beautiful write. Such a joy to read.

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Thank you cevance for the

Thank you cevance for the sweet comment! ;)