Angel of Caring


Angel of Caring



Beautiful wings made of dazzling plumes

so beautiful they glistened like white pearls

This Angel of caring her heart did bloom

and gave hope to every young boy and girl


Her heart was full of tender compassion 

and to every child her love she bestowed

Every night by their beside she rationed

all the love and caring a child is owed


Every nightmare was erased from their dreams 

and sweet fantasies were left in their place

So the children wouldn't wake up to screams

but only happy smiles on their sweet face


This angel is a messenger of hope

A caring angel to help children cope




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Wonderful subject - brings a

Wonderful subject - brings a smile. And I rarely smile.

roseblossoms's picture

I am glad I made you smile!

I am glad I made you smile! Yes, a wonderful subject indeed! Take care!