Death of a Star

Nature Poetry


Silently in the night as the shadows fall

not a star did twinkle, not one at all

The moon did not smile; its beams were so small

at the death of a star, so loved by them all


She was the brightest star guiding at night

many pilgrims of different lands she led

with her sparkling beams ever so bright

"she was so pretty" all the pilgrims said


Then came the super nova explosion

and the bright star died with one last flame

Up in the sky all that bright commotion

was the end of the star, but not her fame


Now the stars cry and the moon dimly shines

and you can hear the pilgrims sadly whine




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bishu's picture

Just stumbled onto this nice poem Ms RoseBlossoms or whatever

Just stumbled onto this nice poem Ms RoseBlossoms or whatever.Particularly liked the thinking on the lines that the moons brightness has dwarfed the stars brightness. Quite true.. yet a wondrous optical illusion. Sometimes I just gaze and gaze at the vastness of the night sky and get lost.. yes! lost.. I feel my own insignificance ......... Dont bother about my foolish comments.In any case, enjoyed the image looking at the true nightsky through the PC screen.Be Happy.



roseblossoms's picture

Thanks for your rich comment and time...

The vastness of the sky so beautiful , yet profound

all the beauty of the heaven's to us humans astound

The shining stars pale to the shine of a full moon

but they have their magic, to make a grown man swoon

The velvet night sky is a blanket for all thing bright

So take time to view the heaven's every  night