The Flight of the Nightingale



The Flight of the Nightingale


 Part I



The  little Nightingale searched far and wide

for that special rose his heart could not find

Flying day and night, Oh where did she hide?

So tireless he flew with Rose on his mind


With sweet Rose Blossoms of crimson red

over the meadows and through the reeds

Yet roses of soft pink he found instead;

he perched on a branch for rest he did need


The Nightingale sang a sweet melody

”Oh my sweet Crimson Rose where might thy be?

 I'll search again, thy red blossoms to see"

 My sweetest Crimson Rose I shall find thee


 So the sad Nightingale searched far and wide

 for his Rose Blossom, Oh where did she hide?


Part II


The next day the Nightingale searched again

but all he found were roses of yellow

By the river and through the misty glen

The Nightingale almost seemed so mellow


 The Nightingale sang his sweet melody

"Oh sweet Crimson Rose where might thy be?

 Tomorrow, a red blossom I shall see;

 a Nightingale shant be melancholy"


 In the morning the Nightingale took flight

and flew to every sweet rose bush near by

Yet no sweet crimson rose was in his sight

 "Perhaps now I have to search far and wide?"


The Nightingale searched again day and night

without little rest he always took flight


 Part III


 Night fall came and the Nightingale was sad

 with tears in his eyes for his Crimson Ros

 his sweet melody started sounding bad

"Wherefore art my sweet lovely Crimson Rose?"


  A fairy heard the sad Nightingale sing

“Please do not worry sad Nightingale,

 to thee a  red Crimson Rose I shall bring"

 Into the wind her wands magic did sail


The most beautiful Rose Blossom just grew

 and no longer was he melancholy

 so to the sweet Crimson Rose he flew

 and sang Rose Blossoms a sweet melody


 “Oh my sweet Rose Blossoms how I love thee

beside thy crimson petals I shall be


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