Starry Night

Had only I the flare to paint away sorrow and pain
If only time could bring back the masterpieces I've lost
I painted a rose with all the thorns missing
Maybe I just wanted to forget the pricking pain of life...
Maybe I was looking through Rose colored glasses
Then I met you, the paint thinner of my world
having cleansed my brushes and paint pallet in hand
I reached for my  blank canvas and started my underpainting
The shadows and lights of love ever so grand
The flowers started to form, their petals so vivid and new
I swear I could even smell them...but alas you see
You are my canvas....MY masterpiece! I am no Van Gogh
but to me you are my " Starry Night"


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    Wow what a lovely poem I



Wow what a lovely poem I realy enjoyed reading. Your poem is well written and so loving and endearing, who would not be flattered by knowing the poem is about them.

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Thank you for taking the time

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! I enjoyed your comment...  ;)