Nectar so Sweet


Part I

Dawn had awakened, and its morning light
caught your every sun kissed eyelash like dew.

my body trembled as I gazed just right

as the sun shined on your body anew

The contour of your pink lips did tempt me.

I needed to taste their nectar so sweet

I wanted to caress your naked body

just laying upon my white cotton sheets

The sunlight cast it glow upon your face

I was lost in the sparkle on your eyes

Then before I knew it, my heart did race

when your soft lips kissed me so wise

The nectar of passion was awaken

On white cotton sheets love reawaken

Part II


Then the twilight moon peered though my window

and my sleep deprived eyes did not miss a beat

 Your Moon kissed smile like a sly black widow

piecering my soul on my white cotton sheets

 A reminder, the dent in the pillow

that your head once rested there beside me

 the scent of white cotton sheets did billow 

 loneliness cascading like the deep blue sea


Like rose blossoms in bloom, I'll kiss the dawn

feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin.

Your sun-kissed eye lashes, I'll miss each one

sprinkled like morning dew. My soul within!

 Upon your manly body, the light draped 

 on our bed of white cotton, we escaped



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sonnet Version of my " White Cotton Dreams!"

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