The Moon-Lit River

Heartache & Sorrow

Moon-lit beams kissing the river at night
and all I can think of is your last smile
how the moon light shined upon you so bright
as we danced around its dim glow with style
Well, I didn't like how you said good-bye
This painful farewell was too hard to bear
You stabbing words just took me by surprise
It's difficult to believe that you cared
It felt so good being embraced in your arms
the  most sweetest warmth I have ever known
Oh baby, How I miss your manly charms
How could you leave me here so all alone
My heart aches and my lonely soul does cry
as the moon beams down by the lone river
I miss you so much that my soul does sigh
Without your tender embrace I shiver
I don't know If I can survive another day
watching the moonlit ripples on the river
How the dim moon light kissed your last smile away
as your good-bye line to me was delivered

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