White Cotton Dreams



Dawn had awakened, its early morning light
caught your every sun kissed eyelash like morning dew.

my body trembled as I gazed upon your  warm sunlit skin .

The contour of your full pink lips did tempt me. I needed to

taste their nectar, and I wanted to swim into the ocean of

your beautiful eyes. I wanted to feel my fingers caress every

curve and hill of your naked body laying upon white cotton

sheets. The sunlight cast it glow upon your manhood.

It was more than my sunlit senses could bear.


I wanted to taste your essence and feel your passion.

Then the twilight moon was calling and my sleep deprived

eyes missed your manly shape beside me. In the dim light,

I could not find a single trace of your Moon kissed smile.

The dent in the pillow next to me, just a reminder that your

head rested there. Just the smell of white cotton sheets. 

There was Just loneliness in my wake.


But like Rose blossoms in bloom I shall kiss the dawn and feel the

warmth of the sun on my skin. I will always miss your sun-kissed

eye lashes, sprinkled like morning dew, the way the light draped

your manly body with its magic upon our bed of white cotton

sheets and the scent of you.


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I have been enjoying your

I have been enjoying your poems and this one is SO beautiful.  Keep up your good works, you are worthy of greatness

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It Is I who has been enjoying

It Is I who has been enjoying your work!  Thank you kindly for your time and comment! I am glad you enjoyed this one.  Prose poetry is new for me. I love to rhyme. Thanks so much for your wonderful compliment!