The Crow: Spirit of Death


The Crow she flew right by me

and looked me right in the eyes

I knew she was the messenger of death

or some sort of spirit in disguise 


The first time I saw the crow, I was a child

in grade school of perhaps seven or eight

 lost my dancing partner that sad summer

he drowned on a camping trip in a lake


The crow came once again looking me in the eyes,

My friend had just gotten out from a hospital stay

she had a tonsillectomy done to her,

but a bee sting killed her the next day


They say things happen in three that I know is true

the crow came calling once again.

I lost my dear grandmother to major stroke

when I was a mere child of ten


It would be years before I heard the deadly caw

and the crow never seemed to fly my way

But the day my mother was hospitalized for cancer

the crow came calling; I knew mom had passed away


 Now dear crow, her spirit always seems near

I see her in the morning sky diving to the ground

Perhaps she gazing at someone else’s eyes

as for me ,I quickly just turn my head around


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Deaths are Real, but the crow is just my imagination!  

I saw some crows outside when I took a picture!

All there was, were rays of light piercing through the trees. 

I thought for sure they were real, I heard them cawing!  When I got home  ,

they were cawing out side my window.

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Crow is the keeper of sacred

Crow is the keeper of sacred law and very powerful medicine. The presense of crow can change your consciousness. It sounds like it may have already. I wouldn't be scared of crow, though he does keep one eye looking into the spirit world as the other remains in our material reality. You outa read about crow medicine.

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Thank you healingwoman. I did

Thank you healingwoman. I did do some research!  Pretty interesting!  I think my third eye is starting to develop and the spirit  of the crow seems like a guide. I really don't fear the crow, just admire what seems their fearless, smart behavior! Thanks again!

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Cool! The animal spirits are

Cool! The animal spirits are powerful medicine. Some of them stay with us our whole walk through life. For me, the horse and snake are by my side. Then there are others who come by to guide. And keep developing that third eye! There's a world of wonder to awaken...

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