Miss Hula Dancer

Raven hair almost down to the floor

and eyes almost dark as night

Skin tinted like honey gold

and a blossom in her hair so white


She danced around the town

dressed in her hula skirt

She would smile ever so sweetly

and she was a such a lovely flirt


This was how she paid her rent

dancing for the people in the town

She was such a beauty to behold

the sweetess hula dancer around


On days when it started to rain

an unbrella was her new prop

She would swing it like her hips

and sometimes spin it like a top


One day she met a handsome guy

a tourist from far away

He fell in love with Miss Hula dancer

and married her the next day







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just writing from the top of my head!

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i like this

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Thank you GeorgesWife, 

Thank you GeorgesWife,  thanks for your time and comment!