In the Blink of an Eye

The sweet taste of your lips
the sound of your soothing whisper
the smell of your skin
they filled my life with splendor
Your tender caresses melting
my very soul
The thrill of ecstasy
filled my nights with ultimate pleasure
my wanting heart was sold
Like cream and sugar
you were the nectar that
sweeten my life so well
You were my greatest dessert
the taste of your passion
in my soul chimed like bells
Every kiss was a little ding
every touch was a song
chiming away with pleasure
Then in a blink of an eye
you asked me to stay forever
that in your heart
I would always be your treasure
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jacksson62's picture

This one seems to have just

This one seems to have just poured out you and onto the page. I truly enjoyed this poem.

Write with your passionate heart it works well for you. Write more and post more...please!

roseblossoms's picture

Thanks Jacksson62, I am a

Thanks Jacksson62, I am a romantic by heart and I have written a lot of poems of this nature.  I will write some new ones and post... Thanks again for your comment and time!