Do you Dream

Dear, do you dream when the stars shine
while the fairies sprinkle magic in your hair
and the moon’s glows peacefully sublime

till morning light spreads it’s beauty so fair

Dear, do the breezes caress your face?
Does your candy coated lips gently sigh
as a smile is tickled from its taste
While moonlight glistens in your eyes

Dear, do you walk behind the kiss of dawn
and whisper to the flowers in her light
whilst dew drops glisten upon the lawn
As your footsteps tip toe in the night 

My child do you awaken to the joy 
The sounds of a whisper up in the sky
The fleeting breezes as wings deploy 
of the fairies watching over you as they fly

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patriciajj's picture

I felt like I was in an

I felt like I was in an enchanted trance as I rode the waves of this absolutely charming, captivating journey. Perfectly eloquent (You made the right choice, I believe, in line 2) fanciful and idyllic, it has everything required to sweep us away and make us believe, for a beautiful moment, in magic. 


Exquisite as always. 

roseblossoms's picture

Awe I am glad you found this

Awe I am glad you found this piece charming!

I've been looking at your other web pages,

and I am entranced with it's set-up of photography

and poetry!  It's so beautifully displayed!


but alas your poetry , doesn't need

any fanfare, as your words alone

create a beautiful mental visual 


thanks for stopping by

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This is so sweet. I loved the

This is so sweet. I loved the line, " while the faries sprinkle magic in your hair."

And, the entire 3rd stanza.... beautiful! Feels like a lulluby. A sweet and precious lulluby.

roseblossoms's picture

Thanks cascade, I

Thanks cascade, I couldn't 

decide on magic dust, or star dust 

even rainbows!


Glad you liked my lullaby!


Thanks again for stopping by!!!

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lolly pops and rainbows

lolly pops and rainbows

ron parrish

roseblossoms's picture

Yes, lips coated in lollipop

Yes, lips coated in lollipop sugar

and rainbows to color her eyes


Thanks for stopping by!!

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lol,you`re welcome

lol,you`re welcome

ron parrish