Lost n Found

Inside the misty clouds she vanished 

Cascading in the winds of rage
The sunlight trying to pierce its layers 
Like a Magician turning a page
But she was nowhere to be found
As the mighty winds and Sun engaged 
Many rainbows appeared in the  skies
But no pot of Gold to pay the wage
Trapped in the eons of tomorrow’s 
Her innocence lost to the clouds on stage
The misty clouds were blown by the winds
Whose mischief was bolstered by rage 
She vanished into the misty clouds 
Lost n Found “Has anyone seen our Paige”
Oh the angry winds went rushing out
Once more and carried away the page


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She went east with the winds

Copyright © morningglory

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I think you are correct

I think you are correct morningglory!!!!


Thanks for stopping by!