The moon trembled

Underneath the stars 

The moon trembled with desire
“To feel the touch of man”
Scarred  with pit and craters 
Injury from above! 
“There must be more?”
Moon dust wishes 
In the spectrum of love
Loneliness filling the void
“Oh to feel the touch of man”
if only it could grow 
A tree or feel a river flowing?
“Is it like elements of my core?
if only I could feel the footsteps
Of mankind?”
One upon time, man landed 
However brief! 
“Will man send an army over?”
The moon trembled 
With desire!  
All the moon knew
That his hopes weren’t over
“There must be more?”


Author's Notes/Comments: 

If the moon could speak

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i hope there is

i hope there is

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The Ambition of Man

Liked the poem. Best wishes



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Thanks bishu, as always

Thanks bishu, as always thanks 

for the read and comment!

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this whole piece is a double

this whole piece is a double entendre

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Thanks, I learned a new word

Thanks, I learned a new word “entendre”

It surely is ! Thanks for the read!