Take me to Heaven


Take me to heaven 

Fly me to the stars 
Meet you at eleven 
Set the time for afar
Make the moon sigh 
Swing me to Paradise 
where the angels fly
Don't let the sun rise
Kiss me before midnight 
When heavens is in the mirror 
paradise is a lovely sight
Is it the Angel’s I hear?
Angelic melodies of love
The sweet stars are bringing
I can hear the songs up above
The euphoria is ringing 
Then let’s make the moon happy
On our flight back home
Waving to it gently not snappy
As by it our love roams 


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beautiful words of love

beautiful words of love

as you travel to heaven above

riding on moon beams

caressing the stars

take me to heaven,and jupiter and mars

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Thanks word man, nice poetic

Thanks word man, nice poetic reply!

Love it!

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just returning the favor

just returning the favor