Scraps of Thoughts

Scraps of thoughts scattered in my mind

Notes whispered in careful dictation 
Oh how busy my Memories were outlined
What the heart wanted, a preoccupation 
I scribbled with my souls penmanship 
So the synapses of my brain understood 
After all the soul and heart form a friendship 
That try not to let each other brood 
It was all about Love ever so bold
As if it were a trophy or a price
But the scattered pieces were old
And unreadable to my souls eyes
The message was clear sometimes 
Thoughts are best discarded away
Making room for recent ones in kind
heartfelt , with new sentiments in display


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bishu's picture

Wow !

This poem was very much to my liking. When the ink spreads deeply into the narrow brain tubes.. . sparks fly. Best wishes



roseblossoms's picture

Thanks bishu! I like how

Thanks bishu! I like how you

phrased it! The ink spreading 

deep into the brain tubes!  


Best wishes to you too!