Angel in my Heart


When I have no one to turn to

And I am feeling kind of low,

When there is no one to talk to

And nowhere I want to go,

I search deep within myself

It is the love inside my heart

That lets me know my Angels are there

Even though we are miles apart.

A smile then appears upon my face

And the sun begins to shine.

I hear a voice, so soft and sweet

Saying, 'Everything will be just fine'

It may seem that I am alone

But I am never by myself at all.

Whenever I need my Angels near

All I have to do is call.

An Angel's love is always true

On that you can depend.

They will always stand behind you

And will always be your friend.

Through darkest hours and brightest days

Our Angels see us through.

You are one of my Angels.

Perhaps I am one for you

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lovely thoughts

lovely thoughts

ron parrish

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Thanks Wordman!

Thanks Wordman!

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you`re  welcome

you`re  welcome

ron parrish