I played with love


Once I played with love

Yes, I got to know it well
Like the rainbows above 
I was under its colorful spell 
Like brilliant sunshine 
Love soothed my inner soul
It was intoxicating like wine
Its warmth made me feel whole
But love played me even more
And I was just it’s silky fool 
When love finally left my door 
I unraveled like yarn on a spool 


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bishu's picture

Love.... Nice poem

Love is perhaps another name for sadness

Love is perhaps another name for madness

Love is perhaps another name for pureness

Love is perhaps another name for oneness



roseblossoms's picture

Excellent Reply poem

love the line-


”Love is Perhaps another

name for Madness!”


Madness is there a cure for sadness

for surely it must be love?

When you bathe in it’s splendor 

all the stars line up above

The moon greets the stars 

And the oceans give the clouds a shove 

All preparing for  the ultimate cure

for sadness , the madness of love