Where do you find Warmth

Searching for warmth 

In an empty heart
Searching for rhythm 
In a lonely soul
Searching for meaning
In a life torn apart
Searching for answers
When existing turns cold
When your life ceases 
To lend you a new start
All your futile searching 
Seems hard to hold 
Where do you find 
The warmth in your heart
When coldness is all
That seems to unfold


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just wondering how it feels

to be homeless and alone 

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In A Movie

A cardboard sign: "I Tried". Many are not prepared for civilization - slc 



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Mental disorders, addiction,

Mental disorders, addiction, runaways,

Ive never asked how they got there,

just offer any extra fast food, I have

on hand! 


Thanks for the comment!