Lexie Gone Forevermore

Heartache & Sorrow


Melody of a heart broken in two

Falling tears painted on the down cast face 
A soul slowly breaking,  denying too
A  big loss , the  heart can never erase 
Unexpected death of a treasured pet
A hot fire raging while trapped inside
A suffering one will never forget 
There’s  no exit here , no safe place to hide
Lamenting the loss like a precious child 
The one who did snuggle at bed at night 
Wagged it’s furry tail while making you smile
Her azure blue eyes were such a delight 
Her barking whispering from heavens door
The precious Lexie gone forevermore 
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RIP Dear Lexie

The sentiment is palpable in your words



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Thank bishu! Best wishes to

Thank bishu! Best wishes to you

during the heat wave!

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doggie companions

It is so sad to lose our best littlle friends. Sometimes i think doggies are here to teach us unconditional love and loss. Hugs!! It is so heartbreaking to lose our friends. :/

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Thank you! Yes indeed! 

Thank you! Yes indeed!