The Nectar of Moonlight


Distant moonlight caressing my face

How peaceful the shimmering glow
On the other side of midnight 
A  contented heartbeat ready to flow
Feel the nectar of the moons beauty
Sweetest feelings you’ll ever know
When her touch bathes your soul
That’s where it’s love will begin to grow
Then my heartbeat will join the rhythm 
As the moonlight to you flows 
Then our hearts shall beat in unionism
And our love will continue to grow
So cast your eyes upon the moonlight 
Let’s it’s shimmering warmth flow
As it caresses our beautiful faces
Joyous rhythms of the heart shall  grow


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Abdul's picture

Wonderful Read

Have a wonderful weekend.

bishu's picture

Oooh oooh oooh RB

Enjoyed every word of the poem. The moon is up now and it is a shiny silver crescent..   Best wishes



roseblossoms's picture

Thank you! I hope you

Thank you! I hope you enjoy

every moonlight phase!


Glad you enjoyed Poem!