Painted Ladies


Painted lady butterflies

flying northernbound

Dentiny northwest to Oregon

thats where their mate is found


Billions seen fluttering about

as they make thier way around

People in awe of the migration 

as these butterflies pass thier town


Born in the deserts of Mexico

a fluke because so much water around 

through Southern California they flutter

twenty miles per hour, oh how they astound!




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Beautiful poem Dear RB

Butterflies are happiness exuding insects. 



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Yes they are! Thanks for

Yes they are! Thanks for stopping by!


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Southern Oregon

I thought I saw a monarch today. He was alone. No others yo be seen. But it sure was a delight fir my eyes to see the orange and black wings.

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Monarchs are quite

Monarchs are quite beautiful!

Many factors add to thier decline!

Painted Ladies can eat more 

variety of plants thus are more


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Stop by Michigan on their way to Canada each year. I will keep a look-out. They are absolutely astonishing works of nature's artristy. - slc Resurgence in the number of Monarchs for 2019 coming from Mexico.

Per a Texas A & M Researcher, for 2019: "Figures show the highest number of hectares covered since at least 2006,” Wilson said. “Monarch numbers are usually measured in hectares, so that’s means about 15 acres are being used for their breeding grounds in northern Mexico. That’s a really positive sign, especially since their numbers have been down in recent years.  I believe the record low was in 2013-14 when only 0.65 hectares (about 1.65 acres) were covered. So it is very promising news.”



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No doubt they enjoy  a

No doubt they enjoy 

a blooming garden!

May you enjoy the 

beautiful butterflies of Spring