kissable, Lickable


Juicy lips , tender, warm and inviting 

kissable, lickable,  I know for sure

Succulent to the touch, how exciting

lips upon lips, I couldn’t ask for more 


Pleasing to the mind, splendid to the soul

and better yet a seductive foreplay

To tease the body is mainly it’s goal

Of wandering lips as it makes its way


Down dangerous curves of my soft body

road map to erotic pleasureable mounds

Inside crevices and holes I embody 

kissable, lickable, wet lips can astound


In the heat of passion jucy lips please

Just like the winds casacading through the leaves 


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Reminded me of an ice-cream stick

Reminded me of an icy-cold ice-cream stick on a hot summer day..... But the bars are so small they melt quickly in the heat... Another week or so I'll be buying them from the nearby store.... So not only kissable,lickable.. but bitable too



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Awesome, ice cream bars have

Awesome, ice cream bars have a place 

in my summer menu too! Just eat them

indoors!  Thanks for stopping by!