Full Moon Glow


The full moon is upon us 

just one night yet to come 

It will indulge us in it’s glow 

and make our souls hum


Hear the melody echo within

like the beats of tribal drums

Wolves shall howl at the moon 

our heartstrings will strum


And the rays upon the tides 

shall quiver and when they're done 

The moon will smile contently

No time to be moody or glum


And if it be two lovers shall play

no time to be twiddling thumbs

Making out like teenagers in love

A moonlit inspiration for some


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bishu's picture

Moon poems

Moon poems are my weakness. 

The shiny silver disc 

The soft moonglow

Bathing thirsty bodies

So many promises

Made and broken

Alas 2019 glowing phones

The moon magic dwindling

On full moon nights

I switch off my phone

Enjoy the moon

And think about

The distant lands

Which I shall never see




roseblossoms's picture

Hi Bishu

Moon glow swayed, how nice

‘Tis better to view the moon

when it’s full , even twice

To the brief soft glow we swoon 

turning off the phone is wise