White Cotton Dreams 2


The Lights flickering warmly in our minds

Us, two loving souls reminiscing  

Separate hearts beating till the end of time

But yet connected by two hopes wishing


The light of love shall flicker endlessly

and when the time lends itself a kiss to heal

the  full moon and stars align sea to sea  

Thats when our souls shall ultimately reveal


together is how we are meant to be 

Two lights , two hearts flickering as one

Two Loving souls together splendidly 

Burning passion , white cotton dreams  of fun


Craving flickers of joy to reminisce

Two souls , two lips , two hearts sealed with a kiss 










Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Wordman 

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Congratulations Poet

Congratulations Poet on your 100th post on PP. This poem was really romantic



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Thanks bishu! 

Thanks bishu! 

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On your 100th Posted Poem!



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Thank you Allets, thanks for

Thank you Allets, thanks for the read!

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two souls searching in the

two souls searching in the night

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Beautiful thoughts!

Beautiful thoughts! Thanks 

for the inspiration!

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you`re welcome  that was from

you`re welcome  that was from my poem two souls