Do you Ever Miss Me


In my white cotton dreams

my heart gets tugged with thoughts


Tell me dear, do you think of me?

When the sun rises am I on your mind?

When the darkness hits your room

do you gaze at the moon to pass time?


Do you count the twinkling Stars

when you are all alone 

Do you pick up your tablet 

to stare at my picture on the phone


Does your soul fill with sadness 

Do you  ever miss me at all?

Does your heart hurt a little  each day

Do you ever wish I would call


In my white cotton dreams

Those are sentimental thoughts 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bedroom Thoughts 

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all the time

all the time

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Awe! You made me smile!

Awe! You made me smile! Thanks!!!!

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you`re welcome

you`re welcome