Missing You!

Heartache & Sorrow



In the space of a moment 

you know you can’t turn back time

I was busy elsewhere 

perhaps I should have looked behind


You weren’t there at dinner 

I assumed in the morning you’d be

You never roam very far away

I guessed in the garage I’d see


But you missed another meal

oh my pumpkin where can you be?

I searched all your hiding places

but my heart is breaking you see


I called out your name many times

over fences, in bushes oh goodness me

I know you would not ever leave us

Pumpkin, oh where can you be??




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope she’s ok! I know hawks, and coyotes 

attack cats! But all we get are raccoons or

possoms!  :(

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bishu's picture

cat or a plump bf ?




roseblossoms's picture

Silly! my cat went missing!

Silly! my cat went missing! :(

Thanks for the read!