When Stardust Twinkled



When stardust twinkled in the eons of long ago

etched in their memories a kingdom of Knights

dressed in armor and shields a place nobody dared go

They would line the  stone castle ready for a fight


The walls were made of the finest stones around

Cannonballs lined the levels high above the gates

At night the stardust swirled through the grounds

knowing the danger that would seal thier fate


The Army Of giants creatures marched ahead

not far behind the powerful leader gallantly led 

The defense of the knights the stardust said

“Was brutal , the kingdom of knight laid bloodshed”


The Giants took over the kingdom of knights

The land was renamed The Kingdom Of Thore

The stardust hoped  someday the defeated knights

would be reborn, until then they twinkled no more





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i liked the story

i liked the story

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Thank you! I added the

Thank you! I added the ending! 


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and a good one it is

and a good one it is