Beyond The Darkest of Darkness


Beyond the darkest darkness 

nowhere nearest any sun

A star lays dormant in remnants 

broken apart as if shunned 


What  always gleams is not glitter

what lies broken is not dead

A star once beamed in the darkness 

now just a mass widely spread


It could have been aligned in a shape

that was part of an astrological find

Maybe as famous as the Northern star

The kings in Bethlehem used as a sign 


But darkness in darkness lives

masses that by supernovas exist 

Once upon a time a brillant star

now just trillions of particles in the mist




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bishu's picture

Loved this Respected RB

I love darkness where I can't see my own hands. Best wishes



roseblossoms's picture

Thanks Bishu! Happy trails In

Thanks Bishu! Happy trails In darkness 

you'll need your hands to get around!