Against the Winds


Always sailing against the winds

Always wanting what I can’t have

Wasn't it you who said “not to surrender 

let not adversity drive you mad”


I hung on to hope, against all odds

till my fingers were blistered and sore 

I clung onto love with all clinging hopes

that life would even the score 


Even exhausted my hopes didn’t falter

why would I let my dreams ever die

So I kept sailing against the winds

because nothing is easy when you fly


Some may say I’m a little stubborn 

But I know I’ll never give up on hope

And if by chance love finds me again

then I suggest that we should elope 

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i guess hope is all we

i guess hope is all we have,but we can`t lose it

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Yes word-man indeed! We

Yes word-man indeed! We can’t 

ever lose hope! Thanks for the read!


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you`re welcome

you`re welcome