Is your Heart Tethered To Mine?

The sound of the wind echoes  nearby

I listen attentively up above
I wonder if it reveals what I need to know
Is your heart tethered to my love 
Does your heart caress me affectionately?
Somewhere in there perhaps I linger?
Filtering through leaves the wind whispers
massaging my ears like  experienced fingers 
Jogging my senses , closer to the truth 
Oh how vivid my hearts desires play!
convincingly I hear “your love is real”
persisting in my delusional ways
And as the whispering winds sleep
Another day comes to a decietful end
the trees no longer whispering 
Of how my lonely heart can pretend 
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An appropropriate and original way of creating an image for the merging of lovers. Mood elevating write - slc



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Thanks, this is one of my

Thanks, this is one of my favorites! 

Take care!