To the realm of light , is there an open door?

How is a ghost made , can one be so sure?

Why is it some can see them while others not?

Are they stuck in another plane tied in knots 


Loosen the strings that bind you to earth 

Let go of the past , give death a new birth 

Now there’s reincarnation , born once again

In the eyes of a pet, perhaps a new friend 


It’s not easy to say one can talk to the dead

Malevolent entities are seen in hues of red

Casper was seen as a friendly little ghost 

But beware of those that want your body as host


So walk about with all your senses intact

And if you hear any tappings a as matter of fact

I would say the place is haunted indeed 

Don't look in your dark closets I must plead 


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I looked in the closet with the light on and the monsters turned out to be an old crmpled up coat. 

Copyright © morningglory

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He He, yes crumpled items can

He He, yes crumpled items can be

decieving! Thanks for the read and