The Summer Sun

Nature Poetry

The summer sun through my window gleams

As was the morning dove coos perched on some wire

My senses now all utterly peeked supreme

As the sun glazes my mirror withs it’s fire 


The heat has not settled in for its daily bake

So must take in the coolness while I can 

Though I missed the sunrise , for heavens sakes

To catch the amber sunset , is a plan


My eyes steer away from the blinding light

summer is a time to head out and play

So out I go before day turns to night

Blessed is the sun as it brighten my day



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a quick thought, Happy Sumner to all

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Happy Summer Dear RB

Happy Summer Dear RB



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Thanks bishu, Blessing during

Thanks bishu, Blessings during the Summer Days too!

Thanks for stopping by!