Heartache & Sorrow

Invisible or naked to the world

It’s what a person feels inside
Mental disease unravels, unfolds
and there’s only one place to hide
Depression is universal no doubt
But people often feel alone
Suffering in silence, afraid to pout
Sadness must be owned 
Complicated with alcohol or drugs
The lines get blurred each day
No energy, swept under the rug
Emotions find another way
Death was an answer to Kate Spade
However successful , it’s a shame
That people can’t be persuaded
Because of their notoriety or fame
To seek help that is much needed 
Even common folks like us
So work on a smile where happiness is seeded
Find someone you can trust


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bishu's picture

Aww come on

Catch some outdoor sun

Play games have fun

The world has much to give

Grab them and live

When times are tough

And the tired body rebels

Look at Bean & Popeye

Have a good laugh

Dr Lollypop is available 24x12x365



roseblossoms's picture

Comedians for Laughter!

Comedians for Laughter! Spinach for Strength 

and bishu for a smile! Thanks again for your

time and comments!