Someday You’d Be Mine

Yesterday my heart quickened

and memories of you flooded my mind

An image crossed my path 

a ghost in the wind left behind


Though it wasn’t you before my eyes

my emotions took over me

Before I knew it love blossomed

and the pain dropped me to my knees


Handsome as ever, a phantom of the past 

my soul cried ever in vain

It wasn’t that you did not love me

but when you left, my heart stained 


The imprint of the future, I had it planned

my heart wrote the melody

But like a ghost in the wind you left 

and you set my soul free 


And the image though not you

was a slap in the face in time

My poor heart ever wishing

that somehow, someday you’d be mine




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bishu's picture

He/she is already yours

But as you know people do drift apart ..... 



roseblossoms's picture

Yes, drifting like oceans

Yes, drifting like oceans waves

upon the sands! Thanks for your

time and comments!