The Endless Sky

Heartache & Sorrow

The endless sky peaceful and bright 

the clouds slowly drifting away

Soon the stars will paint the night

and the sun will rest another day


The moon is calm , not yet full

and my thoughts drift to you

Have I all these years been a fool

wishing to be loved by you


The stars all know my name by now

they call me lonesome dove

Once upon time I thought I knew how 

to enjoy the blue sky up above 


Now all I see is my broken heart

floating in the sky , blowing in the wind 

dreaming for love to be a part

begging the brilliant stars to let love  in


The moon shines brightly , I know

that you are watching it with me 

If only you would let your heart glow

and let your soul run free


If only the endless sky held the magic

that could make a lonely heart sing

To live without love seems so tragic

imagine a dove without wings





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bishu's picture

Sky, Moon, Star's Magic indeed

Your Magical words took me from the dinghy dungeon to the vast expanse overhead.Maybe I'll wake up tonight , go to my terracae & do some skygazing .... It'll be full moon day after tomorrow Smile



roseblossoms's picture

Stargazing is a wonderful

Stargazing is a wonderful thing

Happy Full Moon! Hope you enjoy it

mil57man's picture

The Endless Sky

Pray to the Heavens up above to show your true love.

Then let your heart be true because your soulmate

Is out there... Looking For You.

roseblossoms's picture

Thank you Milton, a very

Thank you Milton, a very sweet response

sounds like a poetic prayer! Great advice

Stephen's picture

Sweet sentiments.


roseblossoms's picture

Thank you! Stephen 

Thank you! Stephen