Marinated in Beauty

Marinated in beauty, a portion in fame

a starlet comes to a realization

Superficiality her life has been lame

Aging has thrown her occupation


The camera loved her beautiful face

her figure with curves  so appealing 

Now she enters the common work place

Where her new skills hit the ceiling 


Dropping a tray too heavy to hold

she quits during her first shift 

Dramatic and sounding a bit cold

she yells sorry my fingers are too stiff


Perhaps retirement is the way to go

or volunteering at old folks home

Perhaps theyll recognize her from long ago

When on the screen she use to roam


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Has Beens

These people did not learn to re-invent themselves. It's a life skill. Take what resources are available, make a list of things you love to do, do them, and then cross them off the list one after the other. - slc



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Thanks , I agree with you!

Thanks , I agree with you! Smiles