Natures Call

Nature Poetry



Walking down the path

a trail of dirt and stones

Serenity overcomes me

here I hike alone 


The canapy of shading trees 

sheltering me from the sun

The sheer joy I feel

is fitness while having fun


Onward I persuade the wind

to blow a gust on me

nature wouldn't be complete 

without an exhilarating breeze


Carefully I listen to natures call

sounds of squirrels as they play

up ahead the  rustling leaves

as the lovely birds chirp all day


The dusty creeks are dry now 

so I don't need to rush 

Enjoying the hidden life forms

I peek through weeded bush


the sun's heat feels wonderful

just enough to warm me

The sky is blue , just a few clouds

but just so wonderful to see


Though I may trek a mile or two

somedays I hike many more

Nature never ceases to amaze me

though I have been here before


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Taking A Walk

Opens up the day nicely and makes you feel in touch with the universe.



roseblossoms's picture

Yes, nature is wonderful to

Yes, nature is wonderful to walk in!  Thank you!

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Almost felt like

Almost felt like I was walking alongside. Very nicely written



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Awesome, I am glad you took a

Awesome, I am glad you took a walk beside me...

Thanks again my friend