Beauty Swirling

Nature Poetry

Beauty swirling from the essence of Fall

wind blown leaves a multitude of colors

Lifting and swirling in a gust of soft wind

Magical as if a love spell has been cast

Down the streets parading tills its end

Crowds of children amused by it swirls

run after the lifting  leaves with joy

Mother nature at her best behavior




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Seasonal Write

To be fascinated by the swirling - indeed~



roseblossoms's picture

I think of them as mini

I think of them as mini tornado's! Much more fun see too see!

thanks for your comments!

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Mother Nature`s behaviour

Mother Nature`s behaviour indeed

Summer`s beauty she did recede

Each season a new gift she displays

For our enjoyment, she it arrays


Thank you kindly for the Charming read 

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Thanks again, enjoying

Thanks again, enjoying your

poetic response