Heartache & Sorrow

Tragedies written with bullets 

Trigger happy hunter of souls 

Senseless the crime or a lunatic 

As his history slowly unfolds


Tears of pain ,  can't be measured 

nor the lives that fell with each shot

Because the tragedy of a massacre 

Was carefully executed like a plot


Cowardly suicide was his ride to fame

And all the victims were just objects

To the hunter ,  people  were just his game


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Vegas tragedy 

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Nevada/Texas - What were they/what was going on as they killed? This poem addresses the state of mind, definition of a mass murderer exceptionally well. I wanted to write about Texas as the killer, but I could not. A necessary poem this. ~allets~





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Trying to  decipher a killers

Trying to  decipher a killers mind

is best left for a therapist 

unfortunately dead men don't 

tell , so it's up to us to figure out

what insanity triggers lost souls!


thanks for the compliment 

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wow wow just wow

Your writting is so phenomneal keep it up! read my poems please!

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Thank you for your read

Thank you for your read and

 wonderful comment


i look forward to reading your 


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Wow i love your writing good

Wow i love your writing good job keep up the good work!

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thank for your timeI


Thanks for your time

I appreciate your comment 


thanks again for

nice compliment