She Silently Cries

The moon sits alone as the stars pass by

Searching  for love in the  heavens in the sky

"twinkle  for me " the moon begins to sigh

"The Earth is so near yet I know not why,

Love is so elusive that she  silently cries"


Perhaps you are gazing  in the wrong place

love shines  from the sun upon your face

feel the brillant glow far from outer  space  

 that shine is  love and full of warm grace

its warmth soothes  not just here but every place



the moon was greatly  appreciative for this love

and he always thanked the passing stars above

dearest sun your warmth is indeed pure love

I feel your kiss upon my face like wings of a dove

blessedness is your warm which you spread with love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because we are not alone

love always shines

though we fail to see 


Ashes_twisted 365 words  challenge

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