Yesterdays Blues

Heartache & Sorrow


Yesterdays blues they gather around

they all want to be heard

"Remember those heartaches and frowns

dismal words,  (Now we are through)"


As if I could forget his warm embraces

and his most wonderful tender lips

But now his heart travels to many places

 If only memories like time would slip


There is the sting of bitter words said

and yes truth always seems to hurt

Harsh sentiments seem to roll by my head

If only they could get covered in dirt


Time always seems to bring up your name

she whispers it often in my ears

You are gone and there's really no one to blame

yet I always miss you , its evidently clear



Misery has to say the last word, she's clever

its best that you left me here all alone

two heavy hearts are best desevered

Yet here I sit gazing at your number on my phone



Yesterday blues they sneak up at night

and leave me all twisted with your song

This restless feeling of love, I need to fight

because loving you baby, is so wrong



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