Build me a Castle

Build me a castle where love abounds

and install my prince charming too

Make him handsome, and muscle bound

and don't forget, no silly fools


Forget all the jewels that money can buy

I don't need any fine silver wear

Just make sure my Prince is a sweet guy

who will show me that he always cares


Now this castle does not have to be grand

just a cozy haven for me and my baby

A king size bed in this fantasy land

with sheets as soft as silk, no buts or maybes




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bishu's picture

Heavenly Castles What a beautiful heart-felt idea !!

Much appreciated Respected RB .... 

Indeed the small cozy heaven with loved ones is a true palace fit for Royals... These palaces are there everywhere.. It's the feeling inside and not the decorations outside [in my most humble opinion] ♥



roseblossoms's picture

Thank you bishu, yes its what

Thank you bishu, yes its

what we feel within us!

take care