Every Lovely Flower

Flower Poetry



Every lovely flower must find it's  way

Every sweet blossom in the sun must play

Every fragrant petal must find its moisture



Every tender hearted root must start anew


Smell the wind, reach out and bathe in light


Smell the bees as they come and delight


Smell the butterflies as they flutter on by


Smell the darkness as hope touches the sky


Lend me your moisture  and bathe my soul  


Lend me your nectar and make me feel whole


Lend me your dreams of beautiful fields


Lend me your fragrance , my blossoms can  yield


Every lovely flower must live for each day


Every sweet blossom shall wither somesay


Every petal will sleep by the light of the moon


Every stem will someday sprout  a wondrous  bloom



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Nice !!




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Hey ,  thanks alot!   Have a

Hey ,  thanks alot!   Have a good Day