Magic is in the Eyes

There is magic 

to behold a scene at a time

every color in the book

earths literary rhymes

poetry draped in leaves

maple, oak, even pine

frogs of every hue 

some even of the poisonous kind

Give blessings to Mother Earth

and magic you shall find

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So Happy to see a scribblers name

on the post of an esteemed poet ..... Thank you !!!!!! You remind me of Dubbley's Artistic posts Frown



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You are welcome! 

You are welcome! 

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Great Images To Remember Here

Holy inspiration, Batman! Bishu rocks and so do roses that blossom. ~slc~



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To be inspired a blessing so

To be inspired a blessing so sweet

Like rose petals that line the streets

Fragrant blossoms kissing our feet


Thank you!