The other side of a kiss



On the other side of a kiss  

 it wasn't  enough  that you

pressed your lips onto mine

but it was the feelings you

stirred within, a moment

of pleasure mixed with sadness    


The man on the moon knew

that when he set foot back on

his space ship,  that it was  

his final step on its surface!

Ready for blast off captain?


Well that is how I felt

when your lips parted mine.

Like the moon, the spot where

 your lips had been became

 just another faded memory

of a wonderful landing  



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Sci-Fi Fantasy Love

Goodbye and farewell
bon voyage and have
a happy landing. Break
a leg, break a heart
by leaving, end the best
kiss in the solar system
as if the man on the moon
fell to earth. Like that.
Lady A

cool write - enjoyed the trip around the solar system :D



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Nicely done! My heatfelt

Nicely done! My heatfelt words 

validated with a comeback 

poem! Beautiful in its own right!

So glad to have inspired you!


best regards !

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Just Re-Read This Poem

Inspires me to really dig into my sci-fy novels with gusto. I worked for 3 hours this am and I am glad to be over a rather difficult patch - it works better now. The rest of the last edit proof will be smooth sailing. May your starship land on a world filled with wonder :D slc




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Thanks again for the

Thanks again for the view! 

This poem always tugs at my heart!


Best of luck wil your novels!