Simple Kisses



What beauty I found in a simple kiss

such splendor in its tender warnth and taste

lips to lips  a softness i so often miss  

as you held me in your loving embrace


to gaze upon your moonlit eyes each night  

as they sparkled at mine with such a smile

I use to call them laughing  eyes so bright  

they use to make me feel frisky  and wild


Now my days are spent in daydream  wishes  

of those starry nights when you held me near

wrapped  up in your arms with simple  kisses

as moonlight  shined upon your eyes so clear


As darkness falls and the moon glow starts to shine

I think of kisses once upon a time




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Simple Kisses

A very Lovely poem. Simple Kisses, Brings to mind Lovely wishes.

Beautifully done. *MilMan* Cool

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Sincere Thanks

Thank you for stopping by!  Lovely wishes,

now thats a great idea to ponder!

Thanks for your great comment!

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Kool kisses...once upon a

Kool kisses...once upon a time is always good'


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Thank you  kindly, koolness I

Thank you  kindly, koolness I shall take!

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Lovely soft read ... Respected RB

Tender Kisses


Kissed lovingly by the cool dawn sun

Slapped hot by the same noon sun

Sunset takes the heat away for a day

The silver moon comes in to blow kisses

I long to lie all night with bare cheeks

Enjoying moon's soft kisses

Night breeze plays hide and seek

Waits patiently for its chance

When the clouds cover the moonlight

The breeze kisses my cheek all night

The sun, moon and breeze never fight



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thank you bishu

A very enchanting  reply!

Kisses of the  heavens, 

Very sweet!